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Time to Market

Our goal is to get software production market in the shortest time possible. Not Prototypes,POC's but software that is functional and architected to be secure, scalable and operationally efficient

Build as you go

Focus on core features that gives immediate return.

Integrated Development

Designers,Developers, Marketing work in tandem to deliver the software product.

Web Apps

Responsive HTML5 Web Applications & Progressive Web Applications

Mobile Apps

Packaged Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

Conversational UI

Conversational and chat bot based UI's


Internet of Things based solutions

Server Solutions

RESTful, Scalable, MicroServices & Secure Application Servers

Monitoring & Analytics

Monitoring and Analytics software

Check out our Website in chatbot style!

Our Work

By playing serious games, on the move, your sales force will learn to enhance calling skills and conversion rates.
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If you want to effortlessly achieve a goal, don’t think about it. Just focus on small daily actions.
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"CloudMPower has been VSoft’s partner for the past 3 years, helping us develop next generation applications. CloudMPower’s mastery over the technologies involved, as well as their responsiveness in meeting VSoft’s requirements are exemplary. We wish CloudMPower all the best in its quest to become a leader in their chosen field."

"We have been working with CloudMpower since 6 months. What we appreciate about the team is they first wanted to understand our business case before getting into any development or scoping. We received a lot of ideas and suggestions that enhanced the user experience. The time taken from drawing board to prototype was minimal, every change or improvement was documented and deadlines were met to our satisfaction. Our project is now in pilot mode. Working with the CloudMpower team is great fun. Cheers!"

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